Monday, June 13, 2011

yay for husband!!

a few months ago husband applied
for a fellowship through his honors
society phi kappa phi
(or phi krappa phi, as i like to
call it :) which would make
him eligible for being one
of 57 across the nation to win
$5,000 in prize money or 
one of only 3
 to win $15,000 in prize money.

the phi krappa phi board
looks at a student's:
1. letters of recommendation.
2. personal essays.
3. resume.
4. graduate school acceptances.
it was kind of an intense
application process.

well, husband & i found out
that he had been selected as
 one of three across the entire
nation to win $15,000
in prize money!

we were ecstatic, of course,
& just this last week byu wrote
up an article about the win.

it's kind of a fun read.
go husband!

heaven knows we can certainly
use $15,000 to buy, you know,
groceries or something when we 
move to
new york city.

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