Friday, July 15, 2011

anniversary surprises.

we swear we're not going to
celebrate the day we got married
when that date comes around every
single month for the rest of
our lives. or at least, we'll
recognize the date but stop
annoyingly posting on a certain
blog about it all the time.

in anticipation & celebration
of our recently passed two
month anniversary husband &
i bought each other just little,
little, teeny tiny gifts.
our two (dare i say great??) minds are 
thinking more &  more alike with each
passing day...i can't even begin
to imagine what we'll be thinking
up the time our 3 month anniversary
comes around! :)

i arrived home after just
having bought husband this
carton of goodness to surprise
him with...

...only to find out he had just come from
the store after buying me this
carton of goodness in a bout
of celebratory jubilee...

...leeeeeetttttt's just say there's hardly any room
in our freezer these days!

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