Sunday, July 31, 2011


here's hoping you all just had an absolutely fly weekend.
husband & i made our triumphant return a few hours ago
from a simply great hansen family reunion, where 
your eighth favorite blogger tried to :
1. keep up with the names of what
felt like two hundred people.
2. try NOT stuffing myself with food &
gaining 17.7 pounds like i seem to do
at every family reunion i attend.
3. get NOT 68 mosquito bites.
4. take some pictures to show y'all.
5. get any child under 5 years old to NOT scream
& cry til next thursday every time i came within 5 feet of them.

let's just say that there were some things on this
list i just failed miserably at, hands down, while
other things on the list went fairly well-ish, & i'm-a
gonna go ahead & leave it up to you faithful four &
a half readers to figure out which was which. but
it all seriousness you four & a half, we had so. much. fun.:

see those sheets of paper? with those little
lines on them? yeah. those are the names
of all the people on this side of family.

cousins showing each other the snake they 
caught & were keeping in their backpack!

oh man. cute new little nieces & nephews. 

a definite highlight of the weekend was when
lizzy graced us all with her amazing, simply
amazing cupcake skills (remember that 
goal i had to NOT gain 17.7 pounds
this reunion? these pictures will hopefully
give you a couple hints as how that goal
eventually panned out):

patient little tunas waiting to get some german 
 chocolate frosting on them.

lemon blueberry muffins with lemony zesty frosting,
chocolate oreo cupcakes with buttercream frosting,

strawberry lemonade cupcakes:
lemon cupcakes with strawberry buttercream frosting.

these cupcakes were literally a dream come true.
lizzy is so talented! totally happy that i
can now claim some relation to her.
& i DARE you not to be inspired
by her confectionery delights. 
 they're just beautiful.

long story short, this weekend 
was just a wonderful time, like so many
family reunions tend to be
(& i can't resist sneaking in just a liiiittle bit of
whipple [eighth favorite blogger's maiden name]
loving i noticed in the cafeteria):

i wish i had a lemon blueberry cupcake right now...


  1. good question actually! i try not to believe in scales so i guess i'm just going by the fact that...i still fit in my jeans? hahaha.



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