Wednesday, July 20, 2011

bryce canyon is a nice canyon, post the second.

so our hike was about 8 miles long.
the weather was actually fairly pleasant
a lot of the time, with the sun behind the clouds
sometimes & a nice breeze occasionally.
we took about three & a half hours from
start to finish.

while we had an absolute blast on the
hike, talking about future plans &
setting goals & debating about who,
back in the day, noticed/liked/loved whom 
first & even sometimes having this song
stuck in our heads (DO NOT ask me why...
it was on a cd we got as a wedding present?),
we were pretty dang exultant when we
finished this mountain (literally?)
of a hike:

& then immediately headed to the
nearby general store to get some
kind of liquidous substance other
than water to quench our thirsts:

i haven't been that thirsty in a while.
oh, & our faces? = 20 minutes post-hike. 
the exhaustion was starting to make itself manifest.

we did manage to catch enough of a second
wind to check out the little hilarious bryce
canyon mini mall on the way out of the park:

where i took a couple minutes
to snooze just, you know, right
by the main entrance 
 & we were in jail...

well folks, this finally wraps up
our little southern utah adventure.
we're back in the swing of things today,
work, school, meetings, & homework.
but at least we have pictures like
this to help us remember the trip:

(who knew bryce canyon could be 
so risque, right?)

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