Wednesday, July 20, 2011

bryce canyon is a nice canyon.

what a day we've had! husband & i decided to shake the dust of provo off our feet for a day & head down to southern utah to hike through bryce canyon!...we loved it.

the adventure actually started last night when we headed down to husband's grandparents house in central utah to spend the night before going the rest of the way this morning. spending the night at grandma & grandpa frandsen's house means many things: good cookies, good breakfast, a nice quiet, quiet downstairs to sleep like a rock, cute cute grandparents & of course you know some of this was going on right before bed:

BUT, in other news. BRYCE CANYON. no words here can even describe how beautiful it was, how interesting & intricate the landscape was, how much fun we had, & how glad we were we decided to skip work, town,  & homework for a day to do this.

 for the first bit we were deep down in a canyon with pillars & pillars of brown-orange rock on all sides of us. they call this part wall street.

so many switchbacks to get down into the depths of wall street!

our second hike of the day took us to fairyland loop, a name really fitting for the place with the most dreamy, eerie, beautiful rock formations (called "hoodoo." i know, right?) i have ever. seen. we saw maybe ten other people on the trail all day long, & so most of the time the long, stretching, desolate-feeling land was silent enough that all we could hear was the wind, the occasional pitter-patter of raindrops, &, well, the silence.

there would occasionally be random holes in the rocks that acted as great windows to the other side. 

the rocks were sometimes white, sometimes a deep, almost offensively bright & vivid red-orange color.

every bend in the trail took us to sights more beautiful than the ones we just passed, so even though these pictures all might look the same to you (which, i'm hoping they don't!) i'm finding it's really hard to choose which pictures i want to put up without keeping this post from turning into a novel.

we saw beautiful things like this all day long! 

something about me is that, while i've been hiking many times in my life, i still don't actually quiiiiiite know just what to wear when going on a hike.

at any rate, husband & i had a simply fabulous time, dahling. & who knew bryce canyon yielded so many fun treats for us to play with & photograph? 

 rocks to kiss...

 cute little doorways...

 trees for husband to be a creeper by...

 womb-like alcoves...

bananas to eat that only added to the many phallic symbols surrounding us that day (those hoodoos? sheesh!)...

 the requisite jumping & levitating... 

& then of course there were other funny & great things like:

really, really tall & straight trees poking up through wall street, 

stairs, which always help a hiker, 

which, speaking of helping hikers... 

crazy twisty trees!,  

rain clouds... 

& some great gravity-defying rock stacks: 

phew! what a huge post. i'll finish the rest of this tomorrow!



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