Monday, July 4, 2011


& now, breaking news from
your 5th favorite battlefront
correspondents ben & shayla:
well viewers,
the 4th of july is an, uh, enlightening 
time here in provo.
it's like the entire city comes alive...
& there's suddenly five times more 
people out on the streets &
sidewalks than you knew even
lived or frequented the joint.
one tradition that has been happening
for, i'm sure, years & years is
camping out on university avenue
the night before the big freedom
festival parade the  morning of the 4th.
now, the parade itself is fairly large,
but the AMOUNT of PEOPLE
that camp out to watch it!
they bring their tents,
their little barbecues & briquettes,
their sleeping bags,
their projector screens
& computers & music
& food & neon sticks &
kids & blankets & face cards &
it's like provo suddenly turns into, 
i don't know, something almost 
akin to hill valley's "hell valley" 
from back to the future 
2's alternate 1985.

anyways, it's really REALLY hard
to describe what provo has
transformed into tonight, 
this one night of the year,
& even pictures hardly do
it all justice. but husband
& i, being the little adventurers
we are, decided to brave it all
as your 5th favorite
war correspondents & head
deep into the trenches to 
give you the real, honest,
& cold hard truth the
government pretends doesn't exist:

these photos were taken around...
oh, what was it husband, 11:30 pm?

the two major hot spots were the
provo library & the local 7-11.
those were the kind of high-
school dance-ish feeling,
happening places.

...yep. steps of the provo library. 
& the 7-11. SO MANY.
dancing begun as these huge
speakers were (literally)
rolled in. 

these puppies were scattered
around every few blocks.
this kid will forever be
immortalized in this blog.
thanks, kid.
you're a true american.
policemen. ALL OVER. 
cars could hardly get through &
people would just walk all over
in front of them!
 a nice domestic scene.
tents all over the front grass of the library. 

 at the library.

husband & i had been riding
our bikes around tonight
just looking & looking &
looking at the spectacle, but
we turned a corner &
suddenly we found ourselves
joined up with a huge group
of bikers that had kind of
organized in a flash-mob style
to ride all the way up the street
& back down again. we've
ridden in huge bike gangs
before & it's so fun to be
part of such a huge group.
there were probably 200
of us all in one large mass.
we rode with them for
probably a good 20 minutes.
major kudos go to husband
for expertly riding one-handed
down university, weaving amongst
the hundreds of bikers & renegade 
cars while he furiously & faithfully
(isn't it remarkable how often
those two adjectives coincide?)
snapped pictures of our
whole adventure.

(this was when we were kinda,
as you can see, at the VERY
end of the mass for a
few minutes). 
stopping for a red light was
always kinda anticlimactic. 
picture, like, elevator music
playing in the background.
the caution tape? 
well, this picture certainly says it all.
& that's the latest news from
here in downtown provo!
signing off.

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