Tuesday, July 5, 2011

a current obsession i have...

...is with pretty much all things native american-inspired

please proceed to click on the youtube video
box below to listen to this song by mariee sioux,
whose genre can be safely called an
American folk indie Native American hybrid mix,
while scrolling through the rest of this post.
it'll help you get in the native american mood.

don't things like these seem delightful for summer?:

(you can always go with something
turquoise & feel like you're taking
a safe step in the native american direction).

Mosley Tribes Lyndel Beaded Sunglasses

penfield bags fall winter 2009 02 BBB Winter 09 | Penfield Bag Preview for Autumn/Winter 2009

(this is actually a still from a great movie,
where homegirl just plays a native american,
but there's lots to learn from her hair).

fishtail hairstyle. fishtail braid short hair.

...anyways. these are just
some things i saw & liked.
get those creative juices flowing!

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