Friday, July 29, 2011

get a couple of chinese speakers together & next thing you know...

well folks,
the other day we had a little get-together 
for all us chinese teachers who work over
at the missionary training center.
you hear a word like "mtc" & you
think we might be a pretty rule-following, 
quiet, & mellow bunch, right?
well if you thought that, 
you might be wrong.
(well, i mean, i guess we might be like 
 that at work, kind of. at least the rule-
following part). 

we had a blast together
barbecuing, chatting (in chinese,
of course) & of course
based on the following
pictures you might just say that the 
 slight overachieving attitude of 
someone who sticks with mandarin
chinese long enough to be able to converse
somewhat in the language & then goes
around trying to teach it to a bunch
of 19-year olds does in-DEED
transfer over into other aspects of
their life. like seeing who can do
what kind of really cool jumps
& tricks into an actually somewhat 
 tiny swimming pool:

(see if you can spot the jumpers
in these pictures!)

(husband has been kind of adopted into
our little mandy family...& he did a good
job of holding his own in the pool!):

backflips! front flips!

the pool felt amazing on such a hot day!
fun fun fun.

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