Saturday, July 23, 2011

the matter of words.

husband & i hit up a truly astounding
installation art exhibit here this morning.

such stunning contemporary pieces
examined"the nature of language &
its effect on our lives."

the exhibit, 
featuring the works of three artists, 
 also explores language as landscape 
& tensions between the printed
word & the technological word.
love it, right?

among the obsessively, colorfully
highlighted bibles & the minimalist,
modernist pieces of book that
i'd hang on the walls of my house
in a hot second (see more),
the commanding presence in 
the room was claimed by the
mountainous, beautifully-near-
chaotic sculpture of books 
smack dab in the center.

the sculpture had five sides & i wish
these pictures did more justice to how
BIG & TALL the structure was.

it's so great comparing the
huge sculpture overall with
getting in there a little closer
& trying to notice all the
millions of fun little details.

those are ALL BOOKS!

the artist builds this sculpture up from
donated books in the area & 
takes it all down again once the exhibit
moves on somewhere else, where
he finds new books to build it
all again.


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