Saturday, July 2, 2011

oh date nites.

husband & i love our weekends!
while the days are still busy, we
try & squeeze in little dates here &
there come eveningtime.
tonight was one such evening.

we felt pretty good about stopping off 
at california pizza kitchen for some
dinner. we used a cpk wedding gift
card from our wedding, meeeeaning
our food was practically free!
+ which is always a plus. +

[said gift card].

if you ever get a chance,
try the california club pizza.
lettuce! avocados! chicken!...

...or the pesto chicken pizza...
sun-dried tomatoes! onions!
chicken! yum.

[i love how the pizza is
sliding off the plate. great].

after dinner we headed over to the mall,
which is right next door to cpk,
to just kind of walk & talk & look at things
& generally just browsing around the 
joint the few minutes before it closed.

[it's all about the animal
prints this summer :].

next stop was that most wonderful
of places barnes & noble.
husband & i both have a reeeeaaallll
weakness for all those crisp, clean books.
while we entered the store with a purpose
(getting a spain travel book for our
upcoming trip), we quickly gave in
to said weakness & just kind of
ran our fingers over all the wonderful
things to see there. *sigh again*


[our madrid book we need
to get cracking on to squeeze
as much as we can out of
that place!]

[& the 2nd book we couldn't help
but buy. 30 second philosophies! 
"the 50 most thought-provoking
philosophies, each explained in half 
a minute," the cover says. husband & i? 
SO excited.does that make us nerdy?]

there were so many great sights
in barnes & noble tonight but
we were especially excited
about these treats.
shakespeare's plays in books
with covers that look old-
fashioned playbills. yum!
fairly fitting for the old bard.

to conclude the night
(*phew! looking back
it feels like
we did a lot tonight
but it didn't seem
that way at 
the time)
we stopped off at your local
blockbuster videos, where
it's currently customer
appreciation month
& we rented our movie 
for free!

so tonight i'll be
introducing the
husb to this movie:

which is SO SO good & i would
zealously recommend it
to anyone. i absolutely
love the animation.

hope your weekend is a joy!

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