Saturday, July 16, 2011

the second part of the seventh installment of the acclaimed harry potter series.

we joined up with some friends yesterday for a great evening of good tennis, great burritos, successful shopping, hilarious conversation,  & one DANG good 2nd half of some hp! first off, husband & i met up with some people to catch older brother's tennis match. which we ended up arriving too late to watch any of, but you can bet your elder wand we all had a great  time storming the court afterwards for a good clean racket of time (who knew pretending to be a creepy  tennis judge could be so much fun??):

spot me?
let's zoom in closer.

eeeeeeeven closer:

can't get enough of the creepy tennis judge?
we over here at "you? me. me? you." hear you
loud & clear:

funny. and yet, i feel like i need to put up at least one picture of me being normal to counteract the ones above. 

okay. now we can move on.

there was shopping...

little sis & boyfriend posing with the random  mark twain bronze statch outside of dsw (how could you not, you know?)...

& eating:

husband SO happy about the good eats at chipotle.

& FINALLY the time came for harry potter! the end was near, if you will:

the theater was a veritable playground of things to see & do (& of course take pictures of). we practically forgot about the movie when we found this poster. hours of joy:

we had such a great time! go see harry potter & feel the peace that comes with closure for yourself!

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  1. Oh this was a great day. I got some of those pictures from you but never saw those zoom ins of you ref'in. So great.



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