Tuesday, July 26, 2011

so much hiking happening!

tonight i met up with a few good friends
to hike Y MOUNTAIN.
(husband had band practice for their
upcoming show tomorrow night which,
hey, i might just blog about!)

provo has been so unbearably hot
these days that nighttime hiking
seemed the best (& really only) option.
in related news, it started sprinkling a few
minutes after we started up the mount
& by the time we reached the top itself 
the rain was coming down pretty hard, so,
hopefully you'll appreciate the sheer &
absolute wetness in these upcoming pictures:

you can see some of the
fat raindrops!

at the top.

SO WET. but we were so
sweaty from the hike it all
balanced out.

little sister's first time to the top! our tired faces:

& the view from my apparently
capture-it-well camera.

we then engaged in a hilarious
tradition all first-timers to the top
of the Y must endure: laying headfirst
down the mountain to look at the
view upside-down. it's actually kind 
of scary to sit backwards & then just
lean out into the steep darkness &
then when you're finally leaned down
the city looks like the sky & the sky
becomes the landscape. anyways,
first was little sister in a photo taken
from an admittedly somewhat
unfortunate angle but hey, 
documentation is documentation:

than evan:

oh it was so, so funny.

so much hiking has been happening
around here for me lately.
hopefully new york city will have 
some great big mountains to hike!!!!

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