Saturday, July 9, 2011

still alive!

well, folks, contrary to rumors (rumours?)
& popular opinion we ARE still alive over here. 

the other day our upstairs neighbor
was trimming the ivy on the house (which,
i love ivy when it grows up the sides of house but, you know,
neighbor didn't ask my opinion) & accidentallyyyyyy....
*cue suspenseful music*
cut the internet cable running up
the side of the house (again, no one asked
MY opinion about this! :).
suffice to say we'll be internet-less
until monday (which is actually,
so far, turning out to be quite refreshing)
& neither husband nor i have yet had the
time to head to a friend's house, internet cafe or
to one of the numerous computers on campus...
so to catch you up with our lives lately...

there was the 4th of july french toast
breakfast (which is ironic, if you think about it). 
it's never too late to post about french toast:

& our favorite float from the 
parade down university avenue early (TOO 
early, in my opinion) 4th of july morning
that everyone (except us, it felt like)

our only question was
where's the rebel alliance when you need them, right??

we've been on some good jogs lately, &
one would think man & wife would jog
together, right? not us! we leave the house
at the exact same time, wave good bye &
turn around & start forging our own proverbial
paths...alone. i always say it's because husband's
afraid he wouldn't be able to keep up with me,
but perhaps only time will tell with that one.
failed post-jog jumping pictures:

...we eventually gave up, which
was perhaps the best for all
parties involved.

tonight we hit up the local dollar theater
to see THOR.
which, whoo! was an intense visual
experience. but we really liked it
(husband & i agreed our favorite
part was when he walks into
the little pet shop & yells
"i need a horse!")

outside the dollar theater.

dear new york city,
please have a dollar theater.
with love,
your 8th favorite blogger.

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