Sunday, July 3, 2011

yay for the 4th of july weekend!

tonight husband, his cutie little sis eva 
who's in town for a byu camp & i met 
up with some good friends to watch the
fireworks at the end of that reliable annual
(...but keep in mind we didn't watch them 
from inside the stadium, mind you. :)

first of all,
of course it's always hilarious
when these two get together:

we had great seats sitting on blankets
on the field right across the street from
the stadium. there was a great atmosphere
as we joined the hundreds of blanket-
cushioned bottoms outside on the sidewalks &
patches of grass all around provo, with 
pre-firework activities of food, loud
chatter, frisbee, & biking only made
better by how amazing the weather was. 
the mosquitoes were in rare form tonight,
the friends & fireworks made the night
worth its bites.

doesn't this picture just scream...
i don't know...
america to you??:

[mid-firework show]. 

fireworks aren't the easiest to
photograph, i found out!!

here's to america &
great weekends for celebrating

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