Thursday, August 4, 2011

the awful waffle...... the real live actual name of a new 
little restaurant down the street from
our house! we still need to try it out, 
but i have a feeling, judging from the 
 name alone, that the waffles
there might be anything BUT awful.

.........did somebody say "waffles"?
because husband & i just happened
to have a few of those things ourselves
for dinner tonight!
we don't have breakfast for dinner
that often, but every time we do
we're reminded of how
great that whole concept is, how
much it all remind us of our 
childhoods,  & how we really should 
have breakfast for dinner more often.
some favorite waffle toppings
clockwise from top left:
strawberry banana yogurt, apple
butter, peanut butter, & nutella
(a moment of silence for applesauce, 
 my favorite topping of all, that we 
simply did not have at the time of
 waffle's big photo shoot):

breakfast for dinner?
why yes,
don't mind if we do.

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