Thursday, August 4, 2011

the perks of being a physicist's wife.

so over the course of his college 
 career, husband here has dabbled
(& sometimes more than dabbled,
as in, he'll go ahead & make it 
his college major & PhD bid) 
in subjects like
quantum mechanics,
computer programming,
partial differential equations,
& multivariable calculus...
among many others.

so while yours truly here
had a college career that
went a little something delightfully
& symbolically (but, let me add,
 still just as mentally stimulating 
& demanding) like this,

or this,

the husband of yours truly had
a college career more akin to this:

or this.

a little post-dinner computer time 
tonight saw husband quietly slide his 
 computer over to me with the words, 
"just press enter & follow
the instructions."
which led to:

(i know the picture is going over the center
line, but had to make sure it was readable!)
later on, instead of pressing "y" or "n"
i tried answering the question "are you the
most beautiful girl ever to have walked the
face of the earth?" with something like
"3," & the computer would say,

moral of the story, folks, is that
tonight husband took a bold step 
in helping bridge that
ever-elusive gap between humanities
& the hydrogen atom, flowers &
physics, vonnegut & voltage. 
that'll do, husband.
that'll do.

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