Tuesday, August 2, 2011

busy & calm.

so one time a few weeks ago husband & i headed
on over here to see what kind of results we'd
get. fast forward about 7.5 minutes to find that,
lo & behold, we had both scored highest
 in the category of.......
quality time.

...so basically we just like being together.
that being said,
husband & i both had a busy day
schooling, working, exercising,
attending meetings, etc, & at the
end of it all it was nice to just come 
home & be together. we didn't even
do anything hugely extravagant, i tell you!
there was just some pasta dinner...

some reading of this...

& later some redboxing (can that be a verb?) of this...

which, WOW. we're not even halfway
through it & i can already tell i'm going
to love all of it (& yes, i AM writing
this out & watching a movie at the
same time! multitasking!). there's so
much good chinese in it!

anyways, hope you all had
a great monday!

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