Wednesday, August 10, 2011


we're loving having family in town for
all the graduation happenings this week!

there will be a lot going on in the next
few days, seeing as how husband,
older brother, & myself all have our
various graduation activities going on,
but we took advantage of a free day to
make the drive up to rexburg & check 
out byu-idaho, that mysterious place all
of us had heard talk of for years but that
none of us had never actually been to.

wanna know how the drive to & fro went?
look no further than these two pictures:

(i thought we weren't supposed to smile in this one.)

they need no explanation...
well, except the little one i gave saying i
didn't know we were supposed to smile.

after finally arriving at our destination, we had
a great time checking out the campus with a
tour guide, hearing nice facts about the
university, & generally being impressed
with how nice it all was.

little brother got a free shirt...lucky.

we mercifully broke up the drive home
with a trip to the costco food court
for some pizza, hot dogs, & that amazing
chocolate/vanilla swirl frozen yogurt.

hey, byu idaho! you just keep doing your thing.

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