Sunday, August 7, 2011

formula for a weekend.

seeing this:

(i really wanted to see it & so we
went & saw it! is that dorky?
at least i wasn't the only one.)


eating these:


color-coordinating outfits


buying at the huge borders
going-out-of-business sale for
some major percentage off 
(finally fulfilling a longtime 
dream of yours truly) & 
then going ahead & making a serious
weekend marathon out of this:

(husband's first time seeing it all
the way through!)


oh....i mean.....what????



writing the last paper of my
undergraduate career


one ape of a good weekend!
(ape? as in rise of the planet of
the apes? get it? yes? no...?)


  1. Hey, congratulations on your last paper! What a liberating experience. Nothing like a little 5-hour date with Colin Firth to commemorate the many 20+-hour dates with the library and computer...

  2. Haha thanks! You've got that right!



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