Monday, August 15, 2011

graduation stories: convocation #1.

friday morning found two convocations
happening: older brother's college
of fine arts & communications,
which some family members attended,
while others of us attended the
 convocation exercises for the
college of physical & mathematical

it was all quite enjoyable,
hanging out with those physicists,
geologists, chemists, statisticians,
computer scientists, mathematicians, 
& the like
--as you would imagine--
especially given the fact that husband 
was a speaker!
he did a wonderful job, of course,
& it was just so fun to see him up
there so cute in all his robes
speaking in front of everybody.

they let family & friends get up a
little closer for pictures as they 
handed out the diplomas, so i am
happy to say i can provide you with
a literal front-row seat of the epic
walking across the stage part:

it was then official:
husband was DONE!

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