Wednesday, August 24, 2011

funny things about spain: presented in a question & answer format.

oh man. spain has some funny, funny things.

Q: do the people of segovia want you
to climb out onto their aqueduct?

A: no. as you can see, the people of segovia
 really, REALLY don't want you to climb
out onto their aqueduct. 

Q: does spain have lots of little fountains
where you can wash your hands, take
a drink if you've brave, or rinse off
your feet?

A: yes, yes it does.

Q: does spain have, on the occasion,
really funny brand names in their
little corner mercados?

A: foxy? bimbo? bonka? i'm thinkin'
YES, they DO.

Q: did you & your husband walk into
said corner mercado & begin using
this red delight, cracking up & thinking
 it was just a really, REALLY huge arm basket?

A:.....yes. i'm afraid to say we carried
that huge thing around for an 
embarrassing &, what will remain on this
blog as unspecified, amount of time. that
sucker was huge & heavy!

Q: did you two later figure out the REAL 
way to cart that thing around after passing
other locals of the corner mercado?

A: yeah. i guess you could say we figured it out.
who knew that thing had wheels on the bottom?

Q: are some of the streets in toledo so tiny
& cute that you can stand in the middle &
 ALMOST touch each side with your fingertips?

A: this one is definitely true. ain't no car 
fitting down that lane!

Q: are there street performers all over spain?

human statue.


sweaty dancers.

A: yep. funny & entertaining until they want your money!

Q: are the rumors true? are churros & hot chocolate
really considered breakfast in spain?

A: you know it! for as little as 2 euro, you yourself
can head on over to madrid to buy yourself
 a plate of hot churros & a cup of
 hot chocolate so thick you can eat it up
with a spoon! hot chocolate + churro +
a good book + the morning sun? 
we're definitely getting used to this.



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