Monday, August 15, 2011

graduation stories: commencement.

so i'll just continue on a little bit with our graduation week. remember the honors luncheon from a few days ago that husband had? so later on that day we went to the university commencement ceremonies, where nobody actually walked or received a diploma, but there were some nice speakers & it was fun to be in full graduation garb along with everyone else.

...yeah, we definitely waited until about five minutes before it all started put on our robes was just too HOT to put them on earlier!


my mom & dad watching from afar all the graduates walk into the building!

while the ceremony was great & all, the party really started afterwards, when we met up with husband's family & other friends to take some great pictures in these robes that are really only worn by a person a few times throughout his or her entire life:

you got the cord mustaches... got the parents SO happy two of their children graduated from university...

graduation hats = very hard to kiss in
without poking each other in the eye.

little brother & sister with their bff!

...& you got the the little siblings in on the graduation action!

commencement was a real fun time. soon it was on to day two of the graduation fun!

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