Monday, August 15, 2011

graduation stories: convocation #2.

the next convocation of the day
(after a physics luncheon & some
serious napping--who knew
graduating could be so exhausting??)
was the college of humanities, in
which yours truly was a participant.
no, i didn't have a musical number.
no, i wasn't asked to speak.
i just calmly walked across the
stage & received my diploma,
quietly celebrating the end of years
 & years of hard, hard work...

 ...okay, okay, i also celebrated
the fact that when i unzipped my
exceptionally large & long dark
robes & watched them billow 
lusciously as i walked around, 
i felt like 'arry potter.

it was so, so great having the fam here all week.

our friend biz, older brother jared
& i gave in & took our turn ringing
the traditional "victory bell."

it was then official: i was DONE!
which definitely called for some
ice cream at the wilk:

shopping around at the byu bookstore: 

siblings again trying on our robes
(look how huge the robes are on little sis!): 

& us wondering why they are
wearing the robes & not us:

 it feels so, so great to be graduated.
there's not a lot of time to rest, though,
as husband & i are hurriedly setting about
packing, planning, & preparing for the
next few weeks of our lives. while 
the graduation ceremonies are over,
though, this week still held a few
laughs & surprises along the way.
more to come!

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