Wednesday, August 24, 2011

great things happening in segovia.

we headed out to segovia a few days ago
& WOW. just blown away by all the
amazing things they got going on over there.

you got the roman aqueduct that was built
in the first century (as in, THE FIRST CENTURY)
that your fellow spaniards used all the way up until
the late 1800s, & it's STILL standing strong
today in the center of the city:

it is very tall.

you got this cool house--that was indeed that:
someone's house--decorated along one entire
side with diamond-shaped little points. fancy
& intimidating all at the same time.

you got this cathedral that looks almost
byzantine or islamic due to its dome-shaped
tops, intricate spires, & sand-colored...color.

you also got a disneyland-like castle built
somewhere around the twelfth century. over
the years it's been things like a fortress, a prison,
a military academy, a palace, & the setting for
such favorites as "the sleeping beauty," "the
sword in the stone," "tangled," & the like.

complete with a moat! drawbridge! & everything!

don't ever change,
segovia. we like you
just the way you are.

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