Friday, August 12, 2011

an honors luncheon.

this afternoon (after finishing my last final & getting my paper back with a perfect score on it! phew!) a few of us gathered on campus for the luncheon honoring those (husband being one of them) who are graduating with honors from the university. 

here's husband holding his years of blood, sweat, tears, & sleepless nights [aka his honors thesis]:

being the good wife that i am, yes, i DID read it. know...i could give you a readers digest version.

the luncheon was an A+ event (see what i did there?). so many people important to husband were there: grandparents, in-laws, parents,  siblings, research advisers, & more. 

in other news, a definite highlight of the afternoon was husband's musical number. he played a rachmaninov cello solo while accompanied by his brother on the piano.

it was absolutely, absolutely beautiful. go ben! you're a rockstar!

husband also received an honors medal that he wore with all his other graduation finery. here, in absolute moment-by-moment succession, is what happened when he accepted his medal.

they called his name. he walked onto the stage. they put the medal on him.

he shook hands.

he walked offstage.

& for that, husband,
we are so proud of you!

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