Saturday, August 6, 2011

things happened tonight.

husband & i started out this lovely friday
evening with a picnic in the front yard, enjoying
none other than that tried & true perennial
college favorite of little caesar's pizza.


we then headed over to campus to catch
some of this...........oh, divine comedy. 
you just get more & more funny.
(check out some of their hilarious
music video parodies on youtube!)

a real gem of a moment that must be mentioned
came when husband & i were waiting for the 
show to start. let's just say those15 minutes 
found us doing some pretty priceless things:

figuring out a physics math
problem on husband's part ("making
science," as some of our friends call 
it), & then there was some squeezing 
in some reading on the part of your
seventh favorite blogger 
(notice the empty seats in between
us that we're saving for some friends!).

nerd attack!

divine comedy is known for turning out all
the lights & tossing glow sticks at random
to the audience in between skits. seeing as
we were in the second row tonight, well,
let's just say we amassed quite a glow-stick
collection, one big enough, at least, to connect 
 them all together to make this sucker & wave 
it around in the darkness:

after another truly delightful show (divine comedy
always delivers. always!) there was one
final stop at earth fruits yogurt, one of those
new places where you choose & dish up
all the ice cream & toppings yourself:

i usually head for sweet flavors like cake
batter & vanilla bean with chocolate toppings
like crushed peanut butter cup, but tonight
i was a little more fruity with tart flavors
like georgia peach & passion fruit with
toppings like berries & chewy fruit gummies.
so, in conclusion...
let's hear it for fruity things!

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