Wednesday, August 17, 2011

i don't want to speak too soon, but, this MIGHT be the last post about graduation week.

to finish off a whirlwind week of family visits, big dinners, football scrimmages, convocations, ice cream, commencements, hiking, & many other things that didn't even make it onto the blog, there was a great big family dinner at grandma's house that a bunch of us drove on up to attend.....all cramped & squished into the car with at least 2 bags of luggage & five boxes of stuff in tow, of course! that's (literally) how we roll [do you see eli in the background? hilarious.]:

once there, ben seized upon the local jenga with a vengeance. what started out as a small gathering of cousins... 

...turned into one intense game transcending all lines & boundaries of family & age...

....that inevitably ended in collapse (symbolically, perhaps?): 

while we, as a family, love our activities & our plans & our fun, exciting things, we also really love the times where we can sit around & chillllll (a feeling that usually comes right after a huge meal). these times are, in my opinion, where some of the funniest family memories are made & retold...over & over again. 

the "hands" pictures.

hey. let's hear it again for grandmas who live within driving distance!

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