Sunday, August 21, 2011

the rain in spain.

a few recent sights, sounds, & yes,
smells, from españa:
1. it is. SO. HOT. & we are SO. SWEATY.
2. husband & i are having a (unspoken)
 competition to see whose spanish is worse.
i am most definitely winning.
3.  me blowing chow into our backpack
at the very end of an intense hour-long
bus ride. it was like a bad car wreck
for husband: you don't wanna look 
 & can't look away.
4. helado. horchata. holy toledo!
5. the two of us taking a quick
nap in the toledo cathedral
...hopefully people thought we were
really overcome by the spirit?
6. me taking a quick nap in the museo
del prado...we just be napping everywhere!
7. us making our way slowly through
a huge, HUGE (think 7 street blocks long)
crowd of people holding some sort of interesting
religious ceremony...little did we know 
we had been less than maybe 20 feet away 

in short, 
we're loving it.
more soon!

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