Wednesday, August 17, 2011

oh tucanos. we'll sing your praises in the city.

in an effort to try & do all the
great things in provo one last
time as well as use the free
meal card one receives the
month of their birthday
(guess who, folks???)
husband & i headed to
that brazilian haven of 
all-you-can-eat meat

besides the fact that free
meals never hurt, husband
& i had a great last time
here at one of our faves.

(coming up) birthday girl 
with her free birthday
card. i feel a little weird
referring to myself in
third person.

speaking of birthday girls...
like many restaurants, tucanos
sings to its birthday peeps.
as you can see, they bring
out a tambourine & a drum
& they sing a brazilian song.
anyways. husband was benevolent
enough to catch ALL the action
on camera.

oh boy. here they come.

they asked/made me stand
up & dance while they sang.
like most things i do in life,
my dancing was an even
mixture of fun, funny, 
& awkward...

...that luckily ended up 
in some pretty good ice
cream. in conclusion, i
guess that tambourine dancing
miiiight have been worth it.

plus it's just fun to look up
from your grilled barbecue,
garlic sirloin, top sirloin
steak, brown sugar pork,
or what have you & see
this guy sitting across from you!

we'll miss you.

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