Monday, August 8, 2011

our sunday night.

remember how i told you we
bought pride & prejudice & 
were running away with a bit of 
a weekend marathon with it all?
yeah, let's just say this was the
view your 8th favorite blogger
had for great stretches of time

(remember this part in the movie?
duh-RAM-a! absolutely love it.
& you can see i wasn't the only one.)

but then again, to be fair, the husband 
of your 8th favorite blogger did also
sometimes have a similar view:

& the end of the night saw said blogger
in the final stretch of finishing up the
last paper she'll have to write as an
undergrad EVER...sick of the paper,
wanting it to be DONE, turning
the finished product over to husband,
& then just waiting as he helped with 
some last minute touch-ups:

hey, husband! thanks for helping me with my pape.
we're gonna get an A.

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