Tuesday, August 16, 2011


continuing on in the fun of having
family in town for graduation week,
husband, his family & i drove down
to cedar city for their annual (50 years
& still going strong!) shakespeare festival.
this festival is nationally renowned.
it's really popular & i had been wanting
to go for years & years but had just
never been able to. & now, on the
eve of our departure, we were 
able to go! the festival featured
so many amazing plays, shakespearean
& otherwise: romeo & juliet, a
midsummer night's dream, the music
man, glass menagerie, & more!
we saw richard iii, which is 
one of the bard's histories
(but really also a tragedy).
& man, when i say this play was
a tragedy, well.......
i'm not kidding.
but we ate it up, every minute
of it. we loved it.

there's a great ian mckellen
version of richard iii i was
introduced to when we were reading 
this play in my high school
english class. it's set in a fictionalized
1930s britain that has a very
german world war ii feel to it.

it was great. check it out.

at any rate,
sadly, i only took two pictures
of the whole event! 

on the throne (i think i was trying
to make a face a queen would
make? what do you think:)

any resemblance?

& then there was the wonderful
reproduction of the globe theater,
a complete look-alike outdoor
theater we watched the play in.

it was all QUITE the shakespearience!

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