Thursday, August 25, 2011

& waaaaaaaalked!

you know the primary song "pioneer children sang as they walked" & you repeat for a while "& walked, & walked, & walked & walked"? sometimes when we're rejecting the expenses of taxis, metros, buses, & trains in favor of walking (for free!) around madrid, well, i start to sing that song in my head. because we've been doing a LOT of walking around here.

we saw this while walking.

& this painting was encountered while walking.

map checking happened while walking.

this happened while walking. spot us in there?

the crystal palace we came across while walking!
 which, if you look close enough, looks suspiciously
 like the beginnings of a halfpipe in there...

thanks for doing that, husband. i know, because
you told me, you thought such a pose would get 
you carted away by la policia.}

and map checking happened while walking.

in the underground metro while walking.
well...we didn't walk once we actually
 got on the metro.

some serious neck cocking happened while walking. 

& map checking happened while walking.

helado happened while walking.

& yep, you've guessed it....

this happened while walking.

thanks a lot to husband for assuming the responsibility,
nay, the privilege, of navigating whenever we go exploring...
if it weren't for you, we would have found
ourselves, i'm sure, completely lost in a foreign country, 
we would have lost all access to any sort of technological
 device, including computers, & i would have never been
able to write another post in this little blog ever! again! 
and if that were to happen, well...
i can't even begin to fathom the consequences.

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