Friday, September 30, 2011

ya patsy!

tonight husband & i had plans to catch a movie at
union square...until we remembered that the
byu/utah state game was happening! 
& we just didn't have the heart to knowingly miss a cougars game.
especially when it comes through so loud & 
clear on that beloved television we have.
so we went to dinner instead, eating early
enough that we could come home & catch most
of the game.

tonight we tried out patsy's, just a delightful 
pizzeria on 74th & columbus. the pizza was
AMAZING, & we decided we'll definitely
be having to try patsy's again, if for no other
reason than to try out another topping combination.
tonight we decided on pepperoni & ricotta:

waiting to be seated...

& leftovers to bring home
(i'm always like, "eh, take-home box,"
but a couple hours later or the next day
when i open the fridge & see that
box it's "YESSSS" all the way)

after dinner we decided to finally
try out cute little pinkberry (there's one right 
by our house & we always pass it & say
"should we...?" & then don't. so we
passed one tonight & finally DID.)
our reaction: delicious. but a bit expensive
(darn those low provo prices we just
keep comparing everything to!)
so we decided to share a small.
which was a surprisingly perfect amount!

hope you all had a great friday night! &
so, SO excited about general conference
over the next two days. it always comes
right when i really, really need it.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

bewitch'n cupcakes.

okay. easiest dessert EVER coming up soon.
& when i say soon...i mean right now:

check out these cute little witch hats!

i spotted these in a magazine years & years ago
& have always remembered them, because they're 
a great go-to when you 1. have to bring
desserts to some kind of autumn activity, 2. want to
make a treat that will help you feel homemake-y, &/or
3. don't have a lot of time or money.
they are SO easy to make but almost look like
you spent a lot of time on them? because they're so cute.

this time i put them on top of cupcake brownies,
but they can top just about any dessert
you make. they don't even have to top anything--
you can just serve these by themselves. but
enough of that. other than a ready dessert like
brownies or cake, you'll
need three things:
1. reeses peanut butter cups
2. orange frosting,& 
3. hershey kisses.

step 1: squirt a bit of frosting on top of the
brownie to act as glue for the reeses pb cup
(recognize husband's hand? he was a good
little blog post kitchen helper for this one :).

step 2: set a pb cup smack dab on
top of that frosting & squish it down a bit
so the frosting sticks.

step 3: squirt frosting on the center of
the pb cup, in a somewhat circular shape.

step 4: put a [hershey's] kiss on top of the frosting 
(heads up on this one: be careful of time management 
if you happen to make these with a 
significant other. i kept saying to husband "okay,
hand me a kiss," & you can imagine how effective 
that was a few times in there)
& squish it down a bit so that the frosting
squirts out fairly evenly on all sides of the
kiss to make it look like an orange ribbon.

& there you have it!
easiest thing ever. 
& look how nice a bunch
of them look all bundled
together in a pan:

they were a hit!
go make some!

Monday, September 26, 2011

our weekend was full of:

1. trying to cart all of THIS 100 pounds of fun
home on the subway between the two of us
(& no i'm not talking about the cart. or husband):

(our hands were too full to carry 
sweatshirts so yes, i admit we did have to tie them 
around our waists mom-&-dad style).

 & you know everybody on the subway
just loved us.

2. a-churching:

okay, i really just need to take a moment to say
how comfortable these shoes were. who would
have thought? the soles were really airy like walking
on clouds & there's that strip around the heel that 
kept it from scratching up my leg. 
could have walked miles in those thrifted gems.

3. good ice cream & other treats all weekend, 
wonderful sunday naps & phone
calls to family & grandparents, & a sunday
night viewing of this dazzler (yes, it's still
completely mind-blowing the 4th time around):

Sunday, September 25, 2011

go lions!

yesterday afternoon husband & i made
our way uptown (although not as quickly
as we would have liked...
subway construction! blast!) to catch
columbia's first home football game against
albany. ah, ivy league football.
what to say about it.......what to say about it.....
...they've got a really cool logo!

...columbia has pretty blue uniforms!

...OH, & don't even get me STARTED on the great & hilarious mascot.
okay. so their mascot is a lion, right?
here he is, looking so cute & collegiate with alma mater:

but his NAME. makes him SO much better.
if i had known columbia's mascot was named this, 
it would have cut out MONTHS of the making-
plans-for-the-future process husband  i went 
through earlier this year before finally deciding
on columbia for grad school.
check out numero uno here in the white: 

roar-ee??! how great & hilarious is that, right!
perhaps the best college mascot name....ever?
(but, hey. don't worry. 
we here at you? me. me? you. 
like to be fair in presenting both sides of an issue. 
think roar-ee is a dumb name? 
keeping in mind that the game was really fun 
& husband & i had a great time,  the only thing i'll 
venture to say about the final score was that it had
our pal roar-ee a little less like this:

& a little more like this:

but not to worry. you'll get 'em next time, lions!

a few pictures from the game:

wien stadium, right on the hudson river.

(husband's feet got real hot so he watched
most of the game in stocking feet. i thought
it was just too cute to go undocumented.
plus look how intensely he's watching the game!)

we caught the lions coming out of the locker
room for the second half.

& we thought that the word-of-the-day husband
gets on his phone was miraculously fitting for
the occasion: 
we sure felt lionized that day.

in conclusion, columbia athletics are fun,
& we love getting out there to support them.
(what would our first child think if we named
him roar-ee, i wonder...? but that's a conversation
for another day.)

new york city DOES have farmers.

we took no more than two steps out of our
house/apartment/apartment building yesterday
 before we found ourselves surprised with a 
really great farmers' market they were holding
on broadway [have i mentioned that we live
really really close to broadway? as in...the broadway.
walk out of our house/apartment/apartment building, 
 walk about 60 blocks & you will
literally start running into lion kings, mary poppins,
singing missionaries, & the like].

anyways, anyone who has been to one will know 
(& even if they haven't, could pull an anne
 of green gables & imagine) that farmers' markets
are just a delight to the senses: so many things to smell, 
taste, look at, eat...& take pictures of!

hunks. of. meeeaaaattt.
viking food!

the shish kebobs smelled amazing.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

go cougs!

while columbia suffered a disappointing loss of a
home opener football game today [more coming
on that later], husband & i still felt really happy in
terms of college football...because of this amazing
kickoff return (a video that is TOTALLY creeping across
the middle border of this blog, sorry!) our alma
mater had last night that helped them secure
a win! what an exhilarating run that must have been
for cody hoffman. we wish we could have been there!
 go cougs!

Friday, September 23, 2011

job hunting.

& the hunt for a job continues!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


 husband & i treated ourselves
(is there a past tense of "treated"?
"done treated"?..."trit"?..."trot"?) to some
ice cream after running errands tonight.

truth be told, we kind of pulled a switcheroo
on those poor employees over at the local haagen-dazs,
while simultaneously further proving the fact that
we're kind of becoming the same person.
last time i got dark chocolate peanut
butter while he got midnight cookies-n-creme
(don't those sound so good!) & this time,
well, we got what the other person got...
last time (...does that make sense? :)

of course i got my new requisite topping 
of hot fudge [missed when that became my new fave?
have no fear, because i rave about it in great detail here].
& husband is here, loving his dark chocolate pb ice cream:

......ohhh, whaaat?! oopsy!
i meant, here is husband with his ice cream:

okay, okay. i promise i'll stop with the elijah 
wood look-alike photos...........soon.


ladies & gents, it's monday night!
(okay, okay, this post might be
a few days late in coming. but i
still needed a good intro, right?)
& you know what monday nights mean!.......

.....................pretty much the same thing they
did back in provo:
family home evening.

which, with busy schedules
(more like ONE busy schedule...can
you say "grad school student," anyone?)
 husband & i both really appreciate--
& we get a kick out of planning little
activities & things to do together!
this last monday we wrote
letters to husband's little brother
christian. oh man. i'm SUCH a
christian fan. he's been on a mission
in--wait for it--paris, france for about 
seven months-ish.

cutie! this picture of christian is a tad bit old,
but i chose it because i also wanted to
demonstrate how much he, in this specific
picture, looks like elijah wood:

slightly uncanny, no?
at least...i think so.

...anyways, we had fun printing
out pictures (that look like they're whizzing 
past in the photo above!) to send along to 
elder frandsen & jotting out a line or two
as well. we also stopped by our recent
favorite find, this great little corner store
(reminiscent of the shop around the corner
from this movie, coincidentally) down the
street from us called book culture, to just kind
of browse & add new titles to our ever-
growing list of books to read
(is it weird husband & i hang out in
bookstores for fun?)

& now i'm off to contemplate the possibility that
if HUSBAND looks like CHRISTIAN [which he does].......
& if CHRISTIAN looks like ELIJAH WOOD [which, he does].....
than by means of the transitive property [if a=b
& b=c, than a must = c] than husband must
look like...oh my...

 the uncanniness continues.

 hope you all had a great monday night!....


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