Wednesday, September 28, 2011

bewitch'n cupcakes.

okay. easiest dessert EVER coming up soon.
& when i say soon...i mean right now:

check out these cute little witch hats!

i spotted these in a magazine years & years ago
& have always remembered them, because they're 
a great go-to when you 1. have to bring
desserts to some kind of autumn activity, 2. want to
make a treat that will help you feel homemake-y, &/or
3. don't have a lot of time or money.
they are SO easy to make but almost look like
you spent a lot of time on them? because they're so cute.

this time i put them on top of cupcake brownies,
but they can top just about any dessert
you make. they don't even have to top anything--
you can just serve these by themselves. but
enough of that. other than a ready dessert like
brownies or cake, you'll
need three things:
1. reeses peanut butter cups
2. orange frosting,& 
3. hershey kisses.

step 1: squirt a bit of frosting on top of the
brownie to act as glue for the reeses pb cup
(recognize husband's hand? he was a good
little blog post kitchen helper for this one :).

step 2: set a pb cup smack dab on
top of that frosting & squish it down a bit
so the frosting sticks.

step 3: squirt frosting on the center of
the pb cup, in a somewhat circular shape.

step 4: put a [hershey's] kiss on top of the frosting 
(heads up on this one: be careful of time management 
if you happen to make these with a 
significant other. i kept saying to husband "okay,
hand me a kiss," & you can imagine how effective 
that was a few times in there)
& squish it down a bit so that the frosting
squirts out fairly evenly on all sides of the
kiss to make it look like an orange ribbon.

& there you have it!
easiest thing ever. 
& look how nice a bunch
of them look all bundled
together in a pan:

they were a hit!
go make some!

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