Friday, September 2, 2011


all right, all right, so maybe we did take a
smidgen of time out of these past few crazy
days to celebrate your 8th favorite
blogger's birthday. i might or might not have been
in the mood for some great italian, so we headed
over to il cebreo to see what they had going on.

a waiter with an accent we could hardly
understand but were too embarrassed
to keep asking him what he said?

ham & mozzarella paninos?

discovering that paninos exist in a world
i thought only had paninis?

yummy huge slab of lemon chicken
with veggies?

so il cebreo definitely got a thumbs up
from us, as did the haagen-dazs ice
cream shop we headed to later (after
an obligatory bed bath & beyond run
for some new home things. THANK YOU
wedding gift cards).

discovering they had such a thing
as haagen-dazs stores in a world i thought
only sold haagen-dazs as a brand
 in grocery stores?

kind of expensive ice cream meaning
we might only go back on special

dark chocolate peanut butter with
hot fudge on top?

realizing my lifelong dream that
i think i will put hot fudge on everything
i ever eat from now on, including such
things as cereal, pasta,
salads, tacos, you name it?

...husband feels the same way too, i just know it.

so folks, we did actually manage to find the time for
some birthday partying over in these parts & in the
end found our own true christmas miracle.
& to all a good night.

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