Wednesday, September 7, 2011

busy days, rainy nights.

we're so excited--our moving van will
FINALLY be here tomorrow morning!
hello to expanded wardrobes, cooking
utensils with which we can make more
than cold cereal (our current go-to meal
of choice), & a full bookshelf!

we've been having a lot of busy times lately.
it's been raining on & off for the past two 
days--in fact, it's raining right now.
we just finished up sessions of homework,
exercise, errands, & job applications, & now
we're just going to curl up in our new
bed (which we're SO EXCITED about!),
eat these:

dipped in this:

(oh yeah, the creamy kind)

& watch a few episodes of the hilarious,
the witty, this:

& we're totally going to consider it an evening well spent.

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