Wednesday, September 14, 2011

dare i say DIY?

so being the two returned missionaries
we are, husband & i recently went about 
setting some goals together & planning
out how to accomplish them. i then went
about writing all our goals out on big
pieces of paper to stick on the fridge 
to help give us daily reminders of
how we can be better. when the time
came to put the goals on the fridge,
i realized that we still don't have any
magnets! (magnets are one of those
things you hardly notice, & take for
granted when they're there, but when
you don't have any you totally notice).
i was so exasperated about our magnet-less
condition that right then & there i just
straight up made a way to put stuff on
the fridge. while i was doing it,
i had a revelation.

i was totally doing something DIY!
just like other bloggers do!

let's say...
let's just say...
that if i were to...dare i say it?...
make a blog post about my own
DIY adventures...
 then maybe...just maybe...
i would be a real blogger.

so here it goes, folks!
my very own, first ever
DIY post...

about how to make a cute...uh...
fridge hangy-uppy thing!

okay. you're gonna need 3 things:
a. some cute string, like jute (or hemp.
i've always called it hemp but husband
 never knew what i was talking about.
once we found it in home depot he
said, "oh, you mean twine??" but
according to the packaging in the
 picture below, the real name might
 be jute?), b. duct tape (best if it's clear),
& c. some scisms.

tape an end of the string to one end of
the fridge. make sure you keep it all
on the door of the fridge so that you'll
still be able to open it afterwards!

pull the string so that it spans the length of
the fridge. make sure you pull it pretty 
tight so that it won't sag once you hang
stuff on it. cut the string on the other
side of the fridge (on the door, still).

start steps 2 & 3 again, a little bit lower on
the fridge as shown in the picture above.
put as many levels as you want all the
way down!

oops, i forgot. you're gonna need
one more thing. clothespins!
(i realized paper clips could also
work as well). simply take the
stuff you want to stick on the fridge
that you would normally put on with
those blasted magnets & now hang
them off the string with clothespins!
as easy as hanging clothes out to dry.

you're done! enjoy the creative new
face of your fridge.
super simple. super cute.
you'll never go back to magnets
again! (maybe, maybe, unless
they look like some of the gems
from this post.)

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