Saturday, September 10, 2011

feeling all manhattan-y.

today husband & i went to the manhattan
temple. it was wonderful, of course. it's
such a quiet, peaceful...home, you could
say, smack dab in the middle of a busy city.

it wasn't nighttime when we went, 
but i liked this google images 
picture of it the best.

afterwards we checked out the quaint little american
folk art museum right next door to the
temple. it had a quirky little gift shop to die for!

my favorite was this postcard, hands down.

i think i'm gonna go make it my
facebook profile picture
right now!
**disclaimer: i do actually like camping.**

other favorites =
these magnets.

so great, right?!
& we TOTALLY don't have any magnets yet on
our fridge. i think i'm going to have to buy some
of these.

other great finds = 

this detailed pillow of new york!
beautiful smooth stones shaped into hearts!

...we found lots of other great stuff too, 
but it was over pretty close to the cash
register & we didn't want to get caught
snapping pictures of their merch.
we're/i'm kinda paranoid like that.
maybe we'll just have to risk it next
time we go back, just so we can show
you three some more great stuff.

have a great saturday night!

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