Wednesday, September 21, 2011


ladies & gents, it's monday night!
(okay, okay, this post might be
a few days late in coming. but i
still needed a good intro, right?)
& you know what monday nights mean!.......

.....................pretty much the same thing they
did back in provo:
family home evening.

which, with busy schedules
(more like ONE busy schedule...can
you say "grad school student," anyone?)
 husband & i both really appreciate--
& we get a kick out of planning little
activities & things to do together!
this last monday we wrote
letters to husband's little brother
christian. oh man. i'm SUCH a
christian fan. he's been on a mission
in--wait for it--paris, france for about 
seven months-ish.

cutie! this picture of christian is a tad bit old,
but i chose it because i also wanted to
demonstrate how much he, in this specific
picture, looks like elijah wood:

slightly uncanny, no?
at least...i think so.

...anyways, we had fun printing
out pictures (that look like they're whizzing 
past in the photo above!) to send along to 
elder frandsen & jotting out a line or two
as well. we also stopped by our recent
favorite find, this great little corner store
(reminiscent of the shop around the corner
from this movie, coincidentally) down the
street from us called book culture, to just kind
of browse & add new titles to our ever-
growing list of books to read
(is it weird husband & i hang out in
bookstores for fun?)

& now i'm off to contemplate the possibility that
if HUSBAND looks like CHRISTIAN [which he does].......
& if CHRISTIAN looks like ELIJAH WOOD [which, he does].....
than by means of the transitive property [if a=b
& b=c, than a must = c] than husband must
look like...oh my...

 the uncanniness continues.

 hope you all had a great monday night!....

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