Sunday, September 25, 2011

go lions!

yesterday afternoon husband & i made
our way uptown (although not as quickly
as we would have liked...
subway construction! blast!) to catch
columbia's first home football game against
albany. ah, ivy league football.
what to say about it.......what to say about it.....
...they've got a really cool logo!

...columbia has pretty blue uniforms!

...OH, & don't even get me STARTED on the great & hilarious mascot.
okay. so their mascot is a lion, right?
here he is, looking so cute & collegiate with alma mater:

but his NAME. makes him SO much better.
if i had known columbia's mascot was named this, 
it would have cut out MONTHS of the making-
plans-for-the-future process husband  i went 
through earlier this year before finally deciding
on columbia for grad school.
check out numero uno here in the white: 

roar-ee??! how great & hilarious is that, right!
perhaps the best college mascot name....ever?
(but, hey. don't worry. 
we here at you? me. me? you. 
like to be fair in presenting both sides of an issue. 
think roar-ee is a dumb name? 
keeping in mind that the game was really fun 
& husband & i had a great time,  the only thing i'll 
venture to say about the final score was that it had
our pal roar-ee a little less like this:

& a little more like this:

but not to worry. you'll get 'em next time, lions!

a few pictures from the game:

wien stadium, right on the hudson river.

(husband's feet got real hot so he watched
most of the game in stocking feet. i thought
it was just too cute to go undocumented.
plus look how intensely he's watching the game!)

we caught the lions coming out of the locker
room for the second half.

& we thought that the word-of-the-day husband
gets on his phone was miraculously fitting for
the occasion: 
we sure felt lionized that day.

in conclusion, columbia athletics are fun,
& we love getting out there to support them.
(what would our first child think if we named
him roar-ee, i wonder...? but that's a conversation
for another day.)

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