Wednesday, September 21, 2011


 husband & i treated ourselves
(is there a past tense of "treated"?
"done treated"?..."trit"?..."trot"?) to some
ice cream after running errands tonight.

truth be told, we kind of pulled a switcheroo
on those poor employees over at the local haagen-dazs,
while simultaneously further proving the fact that
we're kind of becoming the same person.
last time i got dark chocolate peanut
butter while he got midnight cookies-n-creme
(don't those sound so good!) & this time,
well, we got what the other person got...
last time (...does that make sense? :)

of course i got my new requisite topping 
of hot fudge [missed when that became my new fave?
have no fear, because i rave about it in great detail here].
& husband is here, loving his dark chocolate pb ice cream:

......ohhh, whaaat?! oopsy!
i meant, here is husband with his ice cream:

okay, okay. i promise i'll stop with the elijah 
wood look-alike photos...........soon.

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