Tuesday, September 6, 2011

last day of freedom.

husband & i decided to spend his last day of freedom before he dives headfirst into his schoolwork by...trying to buy more things for our apartment, of course!.................okay, okay, we were able to squeeze in a few tiny adventures along the way. times square round 2!

grand central station!...

...with constellations on the ceiling!

shake shack in the park with its insanely long line!...

...that was all worth it, especially since it helped us cool down a bit on that  muggy subway ride out to ikea.

cinnamon spice milkshake for me (the special flavor they're serving every monday in september! love), chocolate milkshake for him. check out those baby blues!

ikea was another trip that ended on a high note (we bought our first mattress! & feel like adults)...

......but not after waiting in some realllllyyyy looonnngggg lines.

ah well, furniture buying has its highs & lows!



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