Sunday, September 25, 2011

new york city DOES have farmers.

we took no more than two steps out of our
house/apartment/apartment building yesterday
 before we found ourselves surprised with a 
really great farmers' market they were holding
on broadway [have i mentioned that we live
really really close to broadway? as in...the broadway.
walk out of our house/apartment/apartment building, 
 walk about 60 blocks & you will
literally start running into lion kings, mary poppins,
singing missionaries, & the like].

anyways, anyone who has been to one will know 
(& even if they haven't, could pull an anne
 of green gables & imagine) that farmers' markets
are just a delight to the senses: so many things to smell, 
taste, look at, eat...& take pictures of!

hunks. of. meeeaaaattt.
viking food!

the shish kebobs smelled amazing.

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