Saturday, September 17, 2011

our saturday.

this afternoon i went with husband up to campus
to read while he got some work done. but
check out the last name of the author on his
q. mechanics book!:

he says it's pronounced "MESS-i-uh," but i'm
starting to think those physicists have some
pretty high delusions of grandeur, don't you? :)

& speaking of grandeur, check out a 
couple spots in our house that i'm 
feeling pretty excited about!

we spent a large part of today getting
all these pictures up for a gallery wall
of sorts in the front room. 

a lot of the pictures up on the wall have special
meaning to us. the large, colorful one in the
picture above is a painting by my uncle of
the temple husband & i were married in. we
have other things like a receipt from a dinner
we had together in spain:

& the cute poem husband wrote & recited
at the big family dinner we had the night
before our wedding!

& then there's our doormats:

it's been a good day. & now we're off to
watch the byu/utah game. go cougs!


  1. WHAT AN ADORABLE APARTMENT!!! Oh my goodness!! I want to move in :)

  2. I love the wall. And I LOVE the please don't leave doormat. Where did you get it? I just love it!

  3. thanks naomi! we got the doormat at



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