Monday, September 26, 2011

our weekend was full of:

1. trying to cart all of THIS 100 pounds of fun
home on the subway between the two of us
(& no i'm not talking about the cart. or husband):

(our hands were too full to carry 
sweatshirts so yes, i admit we did have to tie them 
around our waists mom-&-dad style).

 & you know everybody on the subway
just loved us.

2. a-churching:

okay, i really just need to take a moment to say
how comfortable these shoes were. who would
have thought? the soles were really airy like walking
on clouds & there's that strip around the heel that 
kept it from scratching up my leg. 
could have walked miles in those thrifted gems.

3. good ice cream & other treats all weekend, 
wonderful sunday naps & phone
calls to family & grandparents, & a sunday
night viewing of this dazzler (yes, it's still
completely mind-blowing the 4th time around):

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