Saturday, September 17, 2011


tonight husband & i made great plans to check
out the museum of modern art...uuuuuntil we found
it closed a tad bit earlier than we thought. ah
well...there's always a next time? one of the
great things about new york city, however, is
that there's always stuff around to do as a 
back-up plan!

how about husband's elbow patches, huh?
i'm feeling great about them for fall.

& i discovered husband has been
secretly running a pizza joint in
soho for some time now!

...okay, i'm embarrassed. just forget i said that.

after our exploring & window shopping we
ended up over at that great place 
the shake shack...

...which we always get pretty excited about.
how excited, you might ask?

anyways. it was a nice, cool night
(fall is coming!) to sit out under
the lights & eat delicious burgers
& shakes. we...were really excited
about our food. so we took lots
of pictures of it all.

hope you had a great friday night!

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