Saturday, September 17, 2011

shout out!

i was digging through some old (well...4 months
isn't exactly old, but... :) pictures from our wedding
& was reminded again of how GREAT my
bridesmaids were! i just wanted to give a
quick shout out to all of them!

first up is my cousin lauren!

oh man. this girl is great. we've had some
of the best & hilarious memories together. just
one of my total bffs. & if you notice a certain
glow about her in this pic, it's either because
a) she's AMAZING at doing make-up (she
did my wedding day make-up too!) or
b) she's a newlywed herself! whenever i
think about her marrying her longtime bf
andrew i just smile.

& on to my homegirl jacquie!

talk about going through things together!
i've known jacquie since DAY. ONE. of my 
mission. it was definitely in part because of this
girl that i survived the mtc...if not the whole
mission! & now post-mission we still get to be 
friends while being allowed to talk on cell phones, 
check facebook, & wear something other 
than below the calf-length skirts.

then on to eva!

i just love & admire eva so much.
she definitely holds her own within
her remarkable family--so smart! so creative!
 so pretty! she is so accomplished & has such
fun & cool things happening in her life.
i couldn't be happier about having her for
a sister-in-law. 

& of course we can't forget hannah!

the one, the only hb! gosh, what to say?
i mean, we've just been together,
sisters in every sense of the word, 
my whole life. best friends, clothing
sharers, late-night talkers, & so much
more! people never know what hit
them when the whipple sisters are

so there they are!

plus i just breathe a sigh of relief whenever
i look at their matching yellow dresses.
finding a good bridesmaid dress for the
wedding ended up being one of THE 
most stressful & time-consuming parts of
the whole planning ordeal! :)

& then there are a couple others that need to be mentioned:

the honorary bridesmaid eve. oh
how i love her. a bosom friend. a
kindred spirit. i'm so glad she came.
it was so right that she was there.

& then husband's amazing older sisters:

don't their outfits look great? they are all so
strong, inspiring, beautiful, & accomplished
in their own way. such vibrant personalities.
we were so blessed to have
so much wonderful family there.


  1. What happy, happy memories! I think your wedding day was perhaps the most perfect day of my life - I wouldn't change a detail of it. We're so glad you fell in love with Benjamin!!



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