Saturday, September 3, 2011

so sister. let's get down to the nitty gritty.

& things sure have been nitty gritty over here.we're realizing fast that it's actually quite hard to build an apartment up from square ZERO. by the time we're done with all of this we could probably be professional carpenters because EVERYTHING. REQUIRES. ASSEMBLY.

ikea fun:

(& can i just throw out the disclaimer that, clothing-wise, i'm still working with my few spain pieces i've had for 3 weeks now because the rest hasn't arrived yet? i'm starting to run out of combinations here!)

& of course hitting up their restaurant mid-shop to eat & discuss potential purchases:

husband got the swedish meatballs: 

while i opted for the pasta & meatballs:

next was target, & you can imagine the looks we got on the subway carting this prize-winning fish home:

at least, we got stares on the subway for a few stops until suddenly we looked  around & realized nobody else was  in our car!.......& you know what that means..... i did this:

& spiderman-i-mean-husband did this:

i ta-da'd:

while husband flipped:

later, i did this:

while husband curled up & did this:

goodnight! xo.

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