Sunday, September 4, 2011

times squared.

last night husband & i looked around & found
ourselves facing a relatively uneventful evening.  

there was no furniture to assemble (for now!).

we had finished our shopping trips
earlier in the day.

we weren't even too incredibly tired
after a long week of unpacking!

we kind of twiddled our thumbs for
a few minutes wondering what to do
before remembering that we live in
now, meaning we're around some of the
best food & best sights in the world!
so we headed out.

first on a quest to find a really
great pizza place...

...& let's just say we found a 
winner on 110th & broadway.
look how huge these slices are!

i was trying to show how big the pizza was
by comparing it to my it working??

[p.s. huge pizza = a huge amount of napkins]

a couple other sights from our 
adventures that night. 

who knew such a treasure would be
waiting at the home depot we
stopped in?

the three meals of the day.

the lights of times square are so bright
that even in the pm it feels like daytime!

& a huge group performing in
the subway. they call themselves
the weetles & they do (what else?)
 beatles covers!

we're absolutely in love with the idea of
being able to explore this city over the 
next few years!

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