Thursday, September 1, 2011

wrapping it up.

so before moving on to new york stuff, i feel i need to quickly address one more time how crazy our traveling from spain to new york was. this post provided a quick itinerary of how our travel went. it was CRAZY. thanks to an extra five hour delay from salt lake to new york because of the hurricane, we spent 36 hours straight traveling & approximately 48 hours of going with no sleep other than the few minutes here & there we were able to catch on random planes (despite the efforts of jet blue airlines during our red eye flight, handing out eye masks & ear plugs to all their patrons)

(see those bright orange suckers in there?) those little tidbits actually worked for a few minutes in there!

& then there was that space of time during  our 10 hour stay in the salt lake airport when our desperation hit its peak & we simply tossed our pillow onto the ground behind some chairs & tried (fairly successfully) to sleep away those wee hours of the morning while waiting for our flight. the picture below demonstrates that time period in dramatic detail.

you see those chairs off to husband's left? yeah, there were people sitting there. mere inches away from us whenever we woke up. it was grim. & then. finally, finally we made it to new york. sure, there were a few bumps & bruises in there along the way, such as nausea-inducing  shuttle & taxi rides among the narrow & busy streets of the city, the fact that for 10 minutes we thought the one man who had the key to our apt. was on vacation, or when yours truly got caught for sneaking up onto our floor (in desperation, again) before we had actually & officially moved  into the joint. & sure, there was the fact that our apt. was furniture-less & we ate our meager, first-real-food-in-2-days-because-maybe-airplane-food-doesn't-really-count-as-real-food food using paper & plastic utensils sitting atop the very same suitcases we had just  been carrying all over the world.

but we're here. we're finally here! this great big thing we've been talking about & planning for for so long is finally here. our apt. is slowly taking shape, & while sometimes we still do use our luggage to sit on, rest assured we are going to buy chairs one of these days, dog gone it. these past few weeks have been quite the adventure--an adventure still very much alive due to our relentless scurrying across the city trying to get our apt. livable & have some great new york experiences at the same time, laughing & sweating all the while (our apt. has no ac & we haven't bought a fan yet. we. are. so. HOT.). i'm excited to keep you three updated with all the continuing adventures of new york featuring your 8th favorite blogger + husband!

...oh, & my birthday happened somewhere
 in there...i think. :)

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